LAMP.NET (Linux Apache Mono.NET PostreSQL)

As an developer I’ve always worked for companies which had little or no support for any environments other than Windows. But the situation is reversed at my current client. Most development is done in or with an Oracle

As a Microsoft developer I am in the minority here. The project I am working on is an ASP.NET rewrite of a rare classic ASP application within the organization. During ramp up, we decided that ASP.NET MVC

The project is going well and there is a company conference coming up where I’ve been asked to speak on MVC. But since .NET developers are the minority I thought it would be interesting to more attendees if I were to include a demo of using MVC with . As I was thinking about the title of the presentation I was trying to think of a way to indicate that I would also be addressing use of and Apache

Since Mono was first developed for Linux the (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) stack immediately came to mind. As I thought about it I considered the fate of MySQL being included in the Oracle/Sun acquisition/merger. Additionally, I’ve always been more interested in than MySQL

Then after a few minutes in the shower (my second favorite place to think) the acronym LAMP.NET came to me.

I’ve already confirmed via Google that this is possible, including using a System.Data.Linq implementation for Mono

Because someone will mention it, yes I considered Oracle since that is the database of choice where I’ll be giving my presentation. I may still use Oracle, but I just can’t see much response to a presentation addressing LAMO.NET ;).